Sustainability Is Beautiful

  • Sustainable
    Made with 100% responsibly sourced bamboo.

  • Perfect Set
    Includes: Fork, Spoon, Knife, Chopsticks and Steel Straw.

  • Grab-N-Go
    Carrying case for traveling Earth-conscious easily.

Sustainability is a lifestyle. Pauji wants to be a part of yours.

Everything You Need To Eat Sustainably

Sustainable Cutlery

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Pauji - Gran Sabana

Pauji Outdoors was first inspired by the captivating town of Pauji in the southern edge of the Gran Sabana, Venezuela.

This town is home to the Pemon Indians as well as to many individuals who decided to trade in their city life for a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle alongside the indigenous people.

Founder - Cristina Gonzalez

Cristina enjoys a lifestyle that places an ecological lens on all of her daily activities. She began to scuba dive at the age of 21 and developed an unparalleled passion for the ocean after witnessing the impact single-use plastics have on all marine life. Her unconditional love for nature and for protecting its wildlife fueled her to create Pauji Outdoors.

Our philosophy is based on finding the balance between what is beneficial for both nature and humans by placing that same ecological lens on our daily consumption.



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